We weren’t always keen gardeners, or interested in homesteading. We both grew up in the typical suburban life with wholesome values taught from an early age. In 2007 our worlds intersected and we met at church in Texas, USA. Dan grew up and lived there and Christy was there on a working holiday from Queensland, Australia. They say the rest is history and we have been married for 14 years, and live just outside of Brisbane, Australia. 

In 2018, we watched a church conference that left us with the impression that we should start gardening and learning how to grow food to eat (not just plants that look pretty). We started with the simple things, or so we thought, like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and a few other things. We quickly learned it wasn’t as simple as putting seeds or seedlings in the ground and watering them occasionally. Determined to succeed, we started researching on the internet (mostly YouTube) and started to slowly improve. We also started to learn how to do other things related to homesteading like storing the food we grow and how to make some things ourselves instead of buying it from the shops. In 2020, Christy expressed a desire to start growing flowers, to fulfill a long term closet dream. After much research, the first flower seeds were planted in the garden, and we now have a small cut flower garden alongside out vegetable garden. Christy sells a variety of fresh and dried flowers from our home each week.

Our goal isn’t to just be more self reliant by producing our own food. We want to learn and share what we learn with others. We want to know what is in or on our fruits and vegetables (and meat in the future), especially now with our daughter Clara. We want to live a simpler life, be more connected with the earth, with our community and have more gratitude around what it takes to produce good quality food and flowers.


-Dan, Christy & Clara Franklin